Acting as Asset Managers or Owner’s Representative we can provide “hands on” approach services on those myriad details needed for a project to be completed on budget and on time.

We have been involved as lead negotiator, or, in appropriate support roles as designated by clients, in numerous entitlements and permitting matters. Indicatively, these assignments include: permit processing, plan reviews, land dedications for public facilities, development agreement preparation, sewer and water agreements, public-private road construction, public lands ground lease agreements, and numerous other forms of zoning and entitlement agreements.

Acting as Owner’s representative we facilitate value-engineering and alternative approaches, that may be outside the straight-forward agendas and expertise of general contractors and other vendors.

  • Site Validation.
  • Pre-design budgeting.
  • Design specs and drawing review.
  • Purchase order placement and reporting.
  • Shipment monitoring & expediting.